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What's more lovable than having a tastefully designed event?

Yes, having an event stylist for your upcoming event is a bit off the budget,

but your event only comes once in a lifetime, go for something tasteful and not over the top




Package suited for a Classic themed Wedding

Couple's Stage Design

Entrance Decor 

Table Centerpieces for Round Tables (10-15 sets) 

Ceiling Decors

Photo Wall 

P 195,000.00




Package suited for Grand Weddings and

for couple's who love a well-styled Reception Area

Couple's Stage Design

Entrance Decor or Tunnel

Table Centerpieces for Round Tables (10-15 sets) 
VIP Tablescape (16-20 Seater)

Ceiling Decors

Photo Area

P 295,000.00




Bridal Bouquet

Mothers x 2

Maid of Honor x 1

Bridesmaids x 2 
Secondary Sponsors x 3

Flower Girls x 2 (with headdress)

Men's Boutonnieres x 8

P 27,500.00

- Additional Entourage Bouquet (MOH/BM/SS/God Mothers) - P 1,500
- All bouquets will be delivered in the preparation area of the Bride 5-6 hours before Ceremony time

- Package rate is subject to increase for months of Feb, May, Nov, Dec & Jan

- We use mixture of local and imported fresh flowers, depends on the theme and motif




- We published our rates for fairness and equality for all our clients, We DO NOT give rates based on our clients' capabilities

- All our packages can be customized, should you like to upgrade some items in our package, feel free to discuss it with us 

- Props and decors are for a rental basis only, lost and damage to these precious items will be charged accordingly to the client

- All perishable items, branded items, items which has a short life span can be taken home by the client

- We have a additional charge for events that will fall on the months of February, May, November, December & January,

  Rates of flowers increase by these months, additional charge will be upon discussion.

- There are venues who doesn't allow ceiling decors, thus clients need to provide Steel Trusses to act as a support for all ceiling 

  decors especially if its heavy. Our trusses starts at 45,000 for a standard size of 40x40x15ft 

- Ingress time is very important for us event designers, we at least require a minimum of 4 hours (if without ceiling decors)

  and at least 8 hours (if with ceiling decors), if with truss structure (at least 12-14 hours)

- Client must provide decent meals and drinks for all the design staff who will be present during the event 

- Our rates are very much affordable because we believe that Weddings should be a celebration of LOVE not a Show.

Love, Ralph&Co

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